About Us

Basically, daily living is really an easy thing to live. Other makes life harder because they do not have any strategies in basic home improvement tips and tricks. My name is Jackie businesswoman, wife and a mother of one boy and a girl. You may ask do I have time for myself with so many responsibilities. I am an online business woman selling beauty products from all famous manufacturers. Basic homework is my passion to do, from breakfast to bedtimes I can handle it in an easy way.

My aim to create this DIY home improvement website is to help women. Especially those wives who have a hard time fixing their daily routine taking care of their family needs. Though there is a lot of websites featuring different home improvement tips and ideas I am confident that my site has something different from others. Because most of us share our own experience and how we successfully made it. In all of my blogs, I want to share with you my daily lifestyle preparing all the daily of my family and also how I maintain our neat and clean.

Moreover, I want to give you home improvement advice at an affordable cost and in an easy way with just the help of your husband. You can have it more beautiful plus you have your bonding time with your husband. Actually, doing homework with your husband will strengthen your relationship and build a strong family bonding. That is why I want to share the experience of my family is doing our daily routine. I hope with all of my DIY home improvement tips, blog, hack and etc will help you make better your daily routine with your family. Most importantly will help build up your closeness with each other and have a happy family day.